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About liver disease

Drug discovery platform

Our vocation is to advance therapeutic and diagnostic solutions to make them available to patients. With this goal in mind, we have developed multiple platforms in the areas of our therapeutic expertise, and set up close collaborations with academic experts and specialized companies that possess skills that complement our own.

Our R&D is founded on several areas of excellence:

  • Clinical expertise in our major therapeutic areas, with detailed knowledge of the diseases
  • An in-depth scientific comprehension of gene regulation and of biological mechanisms,
  • A broad technological know-how of techniques and methods to study and control biological mechanisms, with constant focus on translational research between animal models and Man.

Thanks to our R&D platforms, we are capable of managing the entire range of studies from the validation of new therapeutic targets to pre-clinical proof-of-concept studies. Moreover, we:

  • develop and run the entire battery of primary and secondary screening tests,
  • generate series of small molecules targeting novel mechanisms of action,
  • and designed to induce specific biological responses.


  • In vivo facilities (15000 rodent housing capacities)
  • multiple disease models: metabolic diseases, liver diseases, immuno-inflammation,…
  • Model development and characterization including KO phenotyping
  • Early ADME/Tox, PK/PD
  • Pharmacological profiling
  • Micro-surgery capacities

Molecular and Cellular Biology

  • Cloning
  • mRNA/miRNA extraction/ RT-QPCR – multiplexing
  • Affymetrix platform (mRNA and miRNA)
  • Cell culture: cell lines and primary cells
  • Stable cell line establishment
  • Adenovirus and retrovirus
  • Overexpression and Silencing studies
  • Functional assays: luminescence / fluorescence / ELISA – Multiplex / WB / FACS / Imaging / Radioactivity


  • Medium Throughput screening
  • Proprietary compound library
  • Assay development (cell-based and cell-free assays)
  • FRET and Pull-Down technologies
  • Gene reporter assays (NR panel,…)
  • Phenotypic screening


  • Organic Synthesis facilities
  • Medicinal chemistry
  • Scale-up synthesis
  • Analytical lab (NMR, LC-MS, FT-IR,…)
  • Drugability
  • Computer assisted drug design
  • Virtual screening

Biochemistry & Proteomics

  • Recombinant protein production and purification
  • Lipidology (special lipid profiling,…)
  • Pre-clinical and clinical biochemistry
  • 2D-DIGE MS
  • Histology and Immunohistochemistry


  • Data Management
  • Data mining Data structuring and analysis
  • Biostatistics
  • External and In-house solutions: Activity Base /Xlfit, Ingenuity pathway analysis, R/Bioconductor,…
  • LIMS
  • ELN – Electronic Laboratory Notebook

Beyond this know-how of the early R&D process, we possess the expertise necessary to coordinate and manage regulatory toxicology, pharmacokinetic, and ADME studies, as well as the development and production of active pharmaceutical ingredients and drug products, throughout the entire drug development pipeline.

The strong skills that we have acquired in these areas enable us to guarantee an optimal transfer of our know-how to our specialized partners at all stages of development, so that they can carry out our studies while maintaining a high level of scientific integrity.

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