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About liver disease

Partnership opportunities

At GENFIT, we are convinced of the existence of numerous excellent ideas and many programs with a strong potential to generate therapeutic solutions, and that their development could be accelerated with the help of appropriate partnerships.

For all our programs

Regarding our own programs, we are open to opportunities of alliances or partnerships provided that they can leverage the value of our drug candidates and biomarker programs, and accelerate their market access, thus benefiting patients.

Elafibranor (GFT505)

A novel drug candidate for the treatment of NASH.

An oral once-daily treatment, elafibranor is GENFIT’s lead pipeline product and has recently completed a positive Phase 2b study in NASH (Non-Alcoholic Steato-Hepatitis). Elafibranor is currently being evaluated in the Phase 3 study RESOLVE-IT..

> Learn more about elafibranor


Drug candidate research program for auto-immune and inflammatory diseases.

We have developed new proprietary inhibitors of RORγt (RORgamma-t), a key nuclear receptor that directs IL-17 mediated immunity and represents an attractive and widely recognized target to treat inflammatory and auto-immune diseases.

> Learn more about TGFTX1


Drug candidate research program for fibrotic diseases.

We have identified a novel class of compounds with strong anti-fibrotic properties in cell-based assays and in vivo models.

> Learn more about TGFTX4

For your programs

Whether in a university setting where many ideas have yet to be exploited, in biotechs that seek the necessary expertise to enable them to efficiently move forward in preclinical and clinical development, or in pharma companies who have put certain programs on standby for strategic reasons, we are always open to opportunities to strengthen our portfolio in our chosen therapeutic areas.

Our prospecting spans the range from research programs up to products in Phase 2 clinical trials, in the field of non-viral liver. Such programs have the potential to become treatments for medical needs that are insufficiently met by current diagnostic and therapeutic solutions.

Our aim is always to enter partnerships where we know we can bring added value. Our intention is also to find, with potential partners, an agreement that enables us to support the program and to maximize its value for Genfit and its shareholders, in the best interests of our partners.


If you want to contact our Business Development team, please do not hesitate to send us a message or come and meet us at a convention.

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