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About liver disease

Creating partnerships

Developing a new treatment and bringing novel therapeutic solutions to patients requires numerous areas of expertise. From the beginning, at GENFIT we strive to find the best resources and to optimize the use of our own expertise to move therapeutic research forward.

For our most advanced programs, we wish to find pharma partners who could bring our drug candidates to market and enable patients to access new therapeutic solutions.

Even for our early-stage programs, their valorization can be enhanced by an alliance with an appropriate partner who, in conjunction with our teams, can move the project towards the key development stages. We are open to various types of partnerships that contribute to the valorization of our programs, thus benefiting GENFIT, its shareholders, and its partners.

To optimize the quality of our program portfolio, we continuously evaluate available opportunities with international biotech and pharma companies, with the aim of establishing partnerships to accelerate the development of drug candidates that show the potential to become tomorrow’s treatment solutions.

Finally, at all R&D stages, GENFIT collaborates with high-tech companies and with academic scientific and clinical teams, that have complementary know-how, with the aim of finding the best synergy with our own expertise.


Each of our partnerships, and the diversity of the approaches that they provide, are key in our innovation process.

GENFIT is supported by:

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