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About liver disease

An history of partnership

Since Genfit’s inception, we have been aware that pharmaceutical innovation relies on partnerships with multiple drug development stakeholders, whose strategy and expertise complement our own.

Over the years, Genfit has conducted original R&D programs with major pharma companies. The principle of these collaborations has always been the mutual commitment of the two partners, who each dedicate the most appropriate expertise in order to move the program forward.

We have worked in partnership on numerous programs that arose from Genfit’s own research and innovation. Novel therapeutic targets supported by solid results and original technological developments, or new research products with proven therapeutic efficacy, have been the starting point for these collaborations. In conjunction with our pharma partners, we have used our extensive know-how to select, optimize, and validate new molecules, some of which have entered clinical trials.

Our strength also lies in our numerous collaborations with academic partners, scientific and clinical opinion leaders who provide a precious expertise that complements our own knowledge. We have always placed these collaborations at the center of our innovation pipeline.


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