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The Executive Committee is a non statutory body of GENFIT which ensures the operational management of the Company through the activities and responsibilities of its members. This Committee’s mission is to coordinate between the different scientific, strategic, financial and legal activities of the Company. It is chaired by Pascal Prigent, CEO.

Pascal Prigent


Pascal Prigent has a rich experience of more than 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry (Eli Lilly, GSK), on 3 continents (Europe, North America, Latin America).

Prior to joining GENFIT, he was Vice President Marketing for the Vaccines division of GSK US where he led the commercial strategy for a multi-billion dollar vaccine portfolio.

Pascal Prigent holds a Master of Business Administration from INSEAD (1995) and is a graduate of Reims Business School (1989).

Pascal is GENFIT’s CEO, effective on September 16, 2019.

Dean Hum, Ph. D.

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Dean Hum earned a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from McGill University in Montreal in 1990. An expert in the modulation of transcription factors and nuclear receptors associated with endocrine and cardiometabolic diseases, he held a research position at the University of California in San Francisco before becoming a Professor at Laval University in Quebec.

He joined GENFIT in 2000 as Chief Scientific Officer. Dean Hum is today a key person in the organization of GENFIT. In particular, he is responsible for defining, implementing, employing and coordinating short-, medium- and long-term strategies relating to R&D programs and portfolio.

He coordinates all R&D activities with the CEO and in close collaboration with scientific officers and project managers.

Nathalie Huitorel

Executive VP and Chief Financial and Administrative Officer (CFO)

Nathalie Huitorel is a graduate of the SKEMA Business School (School of Management in Lille, France). For 10 years she was Chief Financial and Administrative Officer for MS COMPOSITES, a company specializing in high-performance composite materials.

She took part in listing a subsidiary of the French company FINUCHEM on the Stock Exchange and has led numerous mergers and acquisitions.

She was appointed Chief Financial and Administrative Officer at GENFIT in October 2007, and oversees the accounting, management and human resources departments.

Jean-Christophe Marcoux

Chief Strategy Officer

Jean-Christophe Marcoux is an engineer, and graduated from INSA Lyon in France, having spent part of his time at the University of Leeds in England, and also holds a degree in Strategic Management and Economic Intelligence from EGE in France.

For nearly 15 years, he led international projects and programs in a variety of industrial sectors, in particular in Europe and Asia, and with client and colleagues in the United States. In 2012, he joined IMS Health, now Quintiles IMS, the leading global information and technology services company providing clients in the healthcare industry, where he lead projects in healthcare systems: patient longitudinal studies, forecasting, targeting, profiling, prospective analyses, digital healthcare and innovation.

He joined GENFIT at the end of 2015 to play a cross-disciplinary role regarding tactical, strategic and operational matters and was named Chief Strategy Officer at the end of 2016. He is also Corporate Secretary of The NASH Education ProgramTM, the endowment fund created by GENFIT at the end of 2016.

Laurent Lannoo

Corporate Secretary, Director of Legal Affairs

Laurent Lannoo graduated from the University of Lille law school with a degree in Business Law (DESS Juriste d’Entreprise).

He began his professional career at M&M, a consulting firm, in 1994, becoming partner in 1996. One of the consulting projects led him to join Eurasanté, the public agency for the economic development of healthcare activities in the Nord – Pas de Calais region of France in 1995, where he was in charge of finance and administration (20 employees). Thereafter, he was the Corporate Secretary of the Cœur et Artères foundation and chairman of its executive board from 2005 to 2008.

In 2008, he joined GENFIT as Corporate Secretary and Director of Legal Affairs.

On June 16, 2017, GENFIT’s shareholders voted to change the mode of administration of the Company from a Société Anonyme with an Executive Board and Supervisory Board to a Société Anonyme with a Board of Directors.The Board of Directors subsequently appointed Jean-François Mouney as its Chairman and Xavier Guille des Buttes as its Vice-chairman.
The Company is managed by a Board of Directors composed of seven members, five of whom the Board has determined are independent under the Middlenext Corporate Governance Code adopted by the Company. The Board of Directors has three specialized committees: the Audit Committee, Nominations and Compensation Committee and the Alliances Committee. These Committees provide specialist input to assist the Board in its decision-making process. Their members are chosen by the Board from among its members, based on their experience.

Jean-François Mouney

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Co-founder, Member of the Nomination and Compensation Committee, Chairman of the Alliances Committee

Jean-François Mouney co-founded GENFIT in 1999 after having been actively involved in the incubation of the Company from 1997. Prior to this, he had created, managed and developed several companies specializing in high-performance materials, particularly in the aeronautical industry, since 1979. In 1992, he founded M&M, a consultancy firm specializing in health economics. He was responsible for carrying out a feasibility study for an economic development agency within the field of health and biology in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of France and was appointed Chief Executive Officer of this agency since its launch in 1995.

Over a hundred companies have been created as part of this venture, making Eurasanté one of the top European bioincubators and clusters. As Chairman of the Executive Board of GENFIT, he received, in 2003, the Entrepreneur of the Year award, which is organized internationally by Ernst & Young, in the New Technology category. He also received this award in 2004. Jean-François Mouney is also Deputy Chairman of the “Nutrition, Health and Longevity” research hub and is Advisor to the Banque de France since 2008.

Jean-François Mouney is a graduate of the ESCP-Europe Business School, and holds a Master Degree in Economics from the University of Lille.

Jean-François Mouney was GENFIT’s CEO for 20 years. He took on listing the company on the Nasdaq and lead GENFIT’s transformation from an innovative start-up to a biopharmaceutical company.

Xavier Guille Des Buttes

Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Nomination and Compensation Committee, Member of the Audit Committee, Member of the Alliances Committee

Graduated from the ESSCA (Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Commerciales d’Angers), from the Institute of Foreign Commerce and from the Management Control Institute, Xavier Guille des Buttes has spent his entire career in the pharmaceutical industry. He has held a large number of executive positions for more than 30 years, particularly in the French subsidiary of the German Group Schering AG, and most recently Chairman of the Management Board until June 2006.

Member of GENFIT’s Supervisory Board since 2006, he was chairman from 2008 until he was appointed Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of GENFIT following a change in the mode of administration on June 16, 2017. In addition to his responsibilities at GENFIT, he also serves as director of several companies. He holds offices with Atlanta (a start-up based in Nantes), Delpharm Holding (pharmaceutical manufacturing), Hemarina, a start-up located in Morlaix and Medsenic (start-up based in Strasbourg).

Xavier Guille Des Buttes also chairs the Foundation of the Catholic University of Lille and is a knight of the Legion of Honor.

Dr. Catherine Larue

Member of the Nomination and Compensation Committee

Since 2012, Dr. Catherine Larue has been CEO of the Integrated Biobank of Luxembourg (IBBL), where she leads the development of the biobanking strategy and new initiatives in the field of personalized medicine. During that time she acted for two years as CEO ad interim of the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH), the Luxembourg Biomedical Research Institute.

Prior to joining the IBBL, Dr. Larue piloted the biomarker program at GENFIT until 2012. Dr. Catherine Larue began her career as an R&D team leader at Sanofi in the cardiovascular research department. She later joined Sanofi Diagnostics Pasteur in particular as Director, and then spent 11 years at the Bio-Rad group, holding different management positions. She participated in the discovery of several innovative biomarkers and the commercialization of dozens of diagnostic products.

Dr. Catherine Larue holds a doctorate in experimental biology and an accreditation to direct research (Habilitation à Diriger la Recherche or HDR) from the University of Rouen, a degree in clinical oncology from the University of Paris VI and an executive MBA from St John’s University (New York).

Anne-Hélène Monsellato

Chairman of the Audit Committee

Anne-Hélène Monsellato is a Certified Public Accountant in France since 2008 and graduated from EM Lyon in 1990 with a degree in Business Management.

Since 2015, she has been an independent director, the Chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee and a member of the Corporate Governance and Nomination Committee of Euronav, a Belgian crude oil tanker company listed on NYSE and Euronext Brussels. In addition, she serves as the Vice President and Treasurer of the Mona Bismarck American Center for Art and Culture, a U.S. public foundation based in New York. From 2005 until 2013, Mrs. Monsellato served as a Partner with Ernst & Young (now EY), Paris, after having served as Auditor/Senior, Manager and Senior Manager for the firm starting in 1990. She has extensive experience in cross border listing transactions, in particular with the U.S., internal control and risk management, and was involved with several companies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector.

Mrs. Monsellato is an active member of the French Association of Directors (IFA) and of the selection committee of Femmes Business Angels since 2013.

Frédéric Desdouits

Member of the Alliances Committee

Frédéric Desdouits is Managing Director of the Company Uetikon (Larh, Germany), part of the Novacap Group (Ecully, France).

Prior to joining Novacap in October 2017, Frédéric Desdouits was head of Pierre Fabre Group Business Development, Acquisition and Market Intelligence since 2011. He is also member of the Pharmaceuticals Executive Board and of the Development Products Board. Prior to joining Pierre Fabre, Frederic was Managing Partner at Bionest Partners and the founding Managing Partner of Bionest Partners Finance, a consulting and transaction firm based in Paris and New York specialized in healthcare and biotechnologyand value strategy for emerging bio-companies. Before continuing in finance at Exane BNP Paribas, Frédéric worked in research in several large pharmaceutical groups including GlaxoWellcome in France (now GSK) and Hoechst. Frédéric Desdouits is a member of the Supervisory Board of CiToxLab. Between 2015 and 2017, he also was board observer on the Board of Directors of Orphelia Pharma.

Frédéric Desdouits graduated from École Polytechnique (Palaiseau, France), obtained a MS in pharmacology and a PhD in Neurosciences at University Paris VI and Collège de France, did a post-doc (1994-1996) at the Rockefeller University in New York. He is a CEFA (Certified European Financial Analyst) and Certified in Global Management from INSEAD.

Florence Séjourné

Florence Séjourné is the chief executive officer of Da Volterra, a French biotech company that develops innovative products for the prevention and treatment of multi-resistant and life-threatening infections for which the medical need is increasing.

Prior to joining Da Volterra in 2008, Florence co-founded GENFIT with Jean-François Mouney and Bart Staels, and spent 11 years as a member of the Executive Board, and in particular held the position of Chief Operating Officer. She has been a member of the Supervisory Board and now Board of Directors of GENFIT since 2008, representing Biotech Avenir, the holding company of GENFIT managers and executives.

Furthermore, Florence has been active in contributing to various groups in Europe and in the United States focused on defining creative business models and incentives to face the economic issues of innovation in bacterial infections. She founded and is President of the BEAM Alliance, which represents 35 European biopharmaceutical companies involved in developing innovative products to tackle antimicrobial resistance. In addition, she is a board member, representative of SMEs, in the IRT BioAster, and member of the expert advisory board of GAMRIF, the Global AMR Innovation Fund launched by the UK government.

Florence holds a degree in biotechnology from MINES Paritech, in Paris, France and also holds a Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences & Bioengineering from the University of Illinois, Chicago.

Philippe Moons

Member of the Audit Committee

Graduated from the Institut Catholique des Arts et Métiers de Lille and from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales du Nord (EDHEC), Philippe Moons began his career as a business engineer in a French industrial Group. In 1995, he joined Finorpa, a venture capital and growth capital company, operating under the aegis of the Group “Charbonnage de France” and of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region. Since 2006, he is in charge of supporting and financing several companies in their early-stage activities or development phases; in particular in the fields of biology and health.

In addition to his current responsibilities at Finorpa and GENFIT, where he serves as a corporate director, Philippe Moons is a member of the Supervisory Board of Finovam, a regional venture capital company, established in 2014 to strengthen the emergence and provide seed capital to innovative businesses, primarily technological projects in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region.

The Scientific Advisory Board assists the Company in its strategic choices in the scientific and technical fields. The Scientific Advisory Board’s main missions are to advise the general management and scientific board of the Company in identifying strategies and selecting drug candidates, based, in particular, on the scientific results obtained by the Company (new targets, new compounds).
GENFIT’s Scientific Advisory Board is made up of six members who are internationally-recognized key opinion leaders in the field of of metabolic and inflammatory diseases, with a particular focus on the liver and gastroenterology. The Scientific Advisory Board is chaired by Professor Bart Staels, Co-founder of GENFIT.

Pr. Bart Staels

Co-founder of GENFIT, Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board

Bart Staels has a PhD in Pharmacology from the University of Leuven in Belgium, and is Full Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lille, France. He is Director of the Inserm Unit UMR 1011 (ranked excellent by AERES, the French agency evaluating research and higher education institutions, and Inserm), with laboratories located on the Institut Pasteur and Medical Research campuses in Lille.

Throughout his career, his research has focused on the pathophysiological mechanisms and molecular pharmacology of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. In particular, he has studied the role of nuclear receptors in controlling inflammation, metabolism, lipid and glucose homeostasis as well as the transcription mechanisms involved. Bart Staels is a member of several learned societies such as the European Atherosclerosis Society (EAS), the International Atherosclerosis Society (IAS -distinguished member), the French Atherosclerosis Society (NSFA – past-president), the French Diabetes Society (SFD), the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD), the European and American Associations for the Study of Liver Disease (EASL and AASLD).

He was awarded the Young Investigator prize by the EAS, the bronze medal by the CNRS (National Scientific Research Center), the Lifetime Achievement Award by the British Atherosclerosis Society, the Barré pharmaceutical prize from the Faculty of Pharmacy of Montreal, the JP Binet prize by the French Foundation of Medical Research and the “Distinguished Leader in Insulin Resistance” prize by the International Committee for Insulin Resistance (ICIR).

He is the author of more than 820 scientific publications including 200 review articles and several book chapters.

Pr. Vlad Ratziu

Member of the Scientific Advisory Board

Professor of Medicine at the Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris, he performs his hospital work at the La Pitié Salpetrière Hospital. His activity as a hepatologist, in particular in the field of NASH, made him one of the European leaders in this field.

Pr. Michael Trauner

Member of the Scientific Advisory Board

Professor of Medicine and consultant at the University academic hospital of Graz (Austria). He is a specialist in gastroenterology and hepatology. He is internationally recognized for his work in the field of hepatobiliary diseases (PBC, PSC).

Pr. Scott Friedman

Member of the Scientific Advisory Board

Professor of medicine and pharmacology, he is the Chief of the Division of Liver Diseases and Director of the Liver Research Laboratory at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. His work in the field of fibrosis associated with chronic liver diseases is internationally recognized.

He is the assistant editor-in-chief of the Hepatology review and is on the editorial board of the Journal of Gastroenterolgy and Hepatology.

Pr. Arun Sanyal

Member of the Scientific Advisory Board

Doctor Arun Sanyal is a Professor of Medicine and Director of the Division of Gastroenterology at the Medical Center of the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, USA. Former President of the AASLD (American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases), Professor Arun Sanyal is considered as one of the greatest specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of NASH.

Pr. Jean-Frédéric Colombel

Member of the Scientific Advisory Board

Professor Jean-Frédéric Colombel is a gastroenterologist and currently the head of the Center of Inflammatory Diseases of the Intestine at the Department of Gastroenterology of Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York. Member of the learned society IOIBD (International Organization of Inflammatory Bowel Disease) since 2009, and scientific adviser to the AGA (American Gastroenterological Association) since 2006, he has also been chairman of several international organizations, including the ECCO (European Crohn’s and Colitis Organization).

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