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About liver disease

Letter from the CEO

After 19 years of existence, we are very proud of both our progress and the recent major milestones, that allow us to position ourselves as a global biopharmaceutical company at the forefront of research and development of tomorrow’s medicines.

“Our major priority is patients and their physicians, for whom we aim to provide therapeutic solutions that combine efficacy and safety, in particular in those areas where current treatment options are insufficient. Moreover, many of the metabolic and inflammatory diseases that we target, particularly in the hepatic and hepato-biliary fields, have no existing treatment. We wish to meet this therapeutic need and we know that our partners and investors share our vision.

Our original economic model, our productive research platforms and our well thought-out risk-taking are the foundations of a strong, sustainable growth. We have chosen to prepare GENFIT for its evolution towards a “Specialty Pharma” model, where an efficient R&D coexists with the commercialization of our own medicines in well-defined therapeutic areas and territories, and where we will maintain the rich potential of the partnership culture initiated at the creation of the Company.

None of this is possible without the combination of the individual talents within our Company and the extraordinary expertise provided by our tight links with the academic and clinical community. We share with them the same passion, the same scientific and ethical standards.

We will continue to create medium- and long-term value, and to enable our investors to participate in this tremendous industrial venture while keeping patients and physicians at the forefront.”

Jean-François Mouney,
Chairman & CEO

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